Linux Console Information


Ok, so you are on a Linux system. On the console. And you want to know whats going on. This tutorial is for you! We will cover the following topics:

Without further ado, here we go...


Be root (whoami and sudo su) and type the following:

Users and Load

Now you got the system running. Who is running on it, anyway? Try the following (again as root):

See also this this useful Cyberciti article for additional command line options.


We got the machine, now we get to the wires or radio waves attached to it.


So, this was our little tour de force! A little more:

I hope you are now a little bit smarter about your Linux system. Any questions or comments, contact me via mail to kain at the above domain. Thanks for leaving a part of your attention span here, and have a good day!

EOF (Mar:2021)