Mini PC

Mini-ITX [wiki] computers are useful as servers and, if newer, can also serve some time as client PCs with video and light gaming. I have gone through the following iterations:

Lex Light
  • LEX Light-860A
  • 24x18x5cm, 20W passive
  • 0.5GHz 1-core
  • 0.5GB PC-133 RAM
Fit-PC slim
  • fit-pc slim
  • 11x10x3cm, 6W passive
  • 0.8GHz 1-core
  • 0.5GB DDR1
Deskmini A300
  • A300 Deskmini
  • 16x16x8cm, 65W active
  • 3.7GHz 4-core
  • 32GB DDR4

In Europe, the following suppliers exist:

A timeline of news on passively cooled barebones [wiki]:

SoC releases are:

News sources are:

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